Open your freight store, the market is ready!

Open your freight store, the market is ready!

It was unthinkable only a few years ago that we would book our holidays, buy cinema tickets and do all our shopping online. It is incredible how we have normalized, in many ways, the use of technology to acquire goods and basic services in our day to day lives. Now freight software has arrived and it will revolutionize freight forwarding.

Every year, Alibaba breaks new sales records on Singles Day. Amazon breaks them over Thanksgiving and Prime Day. From a few Christmas ago, the percentage of internet sales has soared. Wholesalers and retailers of all kinds are now selling over the internet. Increasingly, online customer loyalty is expanding, as well as becoming more varied.

Freight digitalization and online stores

In the freight, transport and logistics sector, the big multinationals have also opened up online. For example, DHL, K&N, DB Schenker and CH Robinson all have expansive digital platforms.

New digital freight forwarders have also appeared, with the support of millionaire investors, for example Flexport, Freighthub, iContainers. These have all attracted the support of Silicon Valley, with crowdfunding and big-name investors getting on board to support their work. All of these companies claim that they can offer a faster and automated pricing and operating system, thanks to freight software and digitalization.

What is there to lose?

The independent freight forwarder can also access their own platform, through Freightalia White Label system, which is entirely customizable and works at the same level as those ones from ´the big giants´. This will allow the independent freight forwarder to manage their own business site, as well as driving sales profit and maintaining client relationships. They will also be able to ´hook´ new clients by an impressive, up to date and modern way of offering freight services. In a large sector, with many international names, this is key to maintain their competitiveness.

It has been widely acknowledged that better digital processes are drastically needed. Now, the time has come in which digital and automated solutions are available. They are affordable, useful and drastically streamlines the process of selling and offering freight. Freight digitalization is the next logical step to open the doors of independent freight forwarding online. By building an online store that customers can access easily, the freight forwarders network of clients expands dramatically.

There is a world of possibilities for independent freight forwarders to build their own online store and start selling freight digitally. Now is the time to sell over the internet and direct shoppers into our online store. Remember to visit Freightalia for more information on freight software and how it can benefit your business.