Parameters you should monitor about your sales

In the field of marketing, measuring and comparing results is indispensable if we want to create a good sales strategy. We can not rely solely on our instinct and go with the flow. Identifying patterns, knowing where we win and where we lose and how to improve the strategy as a whole is of crucial importance, although we don’t always appreciate the results in the short term. That is why today we want to talk about the parameters you should monitor about your sales and why that is important to your business.

Percentage of success

The percentage of success is the measure that allows us to know how many quotes become bookings at the end of the sales process. This percentage will give us an overview of how the company behaves. We will also be able to observe each member of a sales team or service in particular. In this way, if the success rate is low, we will know that we should look for the problem in this area and concentrate our efforts on getting the potential customers that approach our business become legitimate customers as soon as possible.

Most visited traffic

The most visited traffic parameter refers to the number of visits received by each of the sections of our business. Knowing this figure will allow us to know what is interesting to our potential and present customers and thus be able to adapt our offer to their demand. In the digital age, this is one of the most important parameters you should monitor about your sales.

Most active customers

Another parameter you should monitor about your sales is customer activity. Knowing this parameter will allow us to divide our forces and create a strategy according to the results we want to achieve. The needs and the market vary in each moment and situation. Sometimes it is urgent to get new customers, but many other times what interests us is to keep the fixed customers we already have and offer them what they want to stay and grow with us. For this reason, identifying the most active customers will allow us to guide our efforts and increase our sales.

Services with greater interest

Something similar happens with our company’s services. It is important to monitor the attention that the clients give to the different services that we offer. This way we will know if there is a star product, or if sales are distributed. Maybe there is some product or service that just does not engage, and therefore has no demand. Modifying or eliminating that product or service is a way to increase sales. We can also focus on promoting and improving the mostly demanded services. But we will not be able to do any of these things if we do not include the services with more interest among the parameters we should monitor about our sales.


These are some of the most important parameters you should monitor about your sales, but there are more. Every business must seek the most appropriate strategy for its activity, employees and customers, and adapt its efforts to it. In any case, it is vital to have control over these figures and use them to generate greater profits for our company.