Customer service versus Sales service: Where to invest

For many companies it can be difficult to find the balance in the investments destined to their departments of customer service and sales service. Both departments demand our attention. They both need quality and updated tools to help them with their activity. Only then will they be able to carry out their daily work in the best way.

The sales service establishes relationships with our customers. They make budgets and proposals to present and future clients. Thanks to them new customers come to our company. But the customer service is responsible for making these relationships with customers last a long time. They cater to the clients’ needs and give them assistance throughout the service. Therefore, thanks to the customer service, the customers stay with our company. And more importantly, they will repeat when it comes to hiring our services again.

The importance of a good sales service

The salespeople of our sales department are surely the first ones to deal with a potential. They are our facade and our visible image to the world. This is where the importance of having an expert sales team lies.

It is obvious that its main function is to sell our product or service. But how they get to that sale is also of vital importance. It is at this moment when the relationship between the customer and our company begins. And we want the first impression to be perfect so that relationship begins in the best way. Having a trained staff with up-to-date digital tools is a key part of our company’s success in an increasingly competitive global market.

The importance of a good customer service

One of the great marketing challenges of our era is to make the customer feel satisfied and with their needs covered. Social and cultural dynamics are changing faster than ever. That is why it is important to have an excellent customer service that understands the needs of the customer and remedy them in the best way.

The goal of any company should be to achieve total customer satisfaction. Only then will that customer decide to return to work with us. Therefore, it is vital that our customer service is well trained and equipped. Digitizing the processes will help them do their best while working with clients quickly and efficiently. An impressive customer service can really make the difference between us and the competition.

So, where to invest?

In conclusion, it is important to equip both departments with good technological tools and all the necessary resources. In this way we aim to reduce the time they devote to tasks of little value to the company. Only then they can focus their attention on what is really important.

In the case of sales service, they can improve relationships with customers and attract them to our business. On the other hand, the customer service can add value to the services we provide and, thus, have a key impact on our results. The digitalization of processes, in both operational and commercial areas, ensures that we are more competitive in an increasingly global market.