Freight Quote online & Rate Management System For Freight Forwarders

Engage Exporters, Importers and Agents. With Freightalia quoting solutions, send reliable freight estimates to your customers instantly and professionally.

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Freightalia is the most powerful automatic quoting system ever created for Freight Forwarders, fully adaptable to your clientele, country or service needs.


Simple and intuitive for you and your customers. As the system operates on the cloud you don’t need any IT infrastructure other than an Internet connection.


Find the perfect plan for your business and discover how much easier quoting can be with Freightalia. With all the time you’ll save, it’s a product that pays for itself.


Instant Quoting
With Freightalia you can send beautiful quotes to your customers in real time. Know exactly when a quote was issued, when it was viewed, when it was accepted, and when it’s still pending.

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Impress Your Clients
Customers like to have an accurate estimate of freight costs when either exporting or importing cargo globally. Engage them with your 20 seconds quoting process.

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Organize Your Rates
Robotize your rate management process and save on sales resources. No matter if 100 or 10,000 offers per month, Freightalia engine will do the hard work for you.

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Your Own Customized Site
The brand factor, retain complete control over your quotes. Choose your template, add your logo, and even adjust colours and buttons to make sure your systemmaintains your branding.

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Easy To Get Reports
Freightalia makes it easy to know exactly how your salesare performing. Get detailed reports that your sales team will love.

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Your own customized intranet & widget

Freightalia simple quoting automation integrates a collection of results-oriented features that helps you outsmart the competition and grow your business.

  • Build your private intranet with your own web domain
  • Invite customers to your system to assure repetitive business
  • Add a quoting functionality to your website to attract more customers
  • Easily design targeted email campaigns to further your results.

Whatever it is…you can reach us through email, phone or live chat. We are here to help.


Freightalia is a dynamic quoting automation solution allowing your cargo agency to quote instantly and unlimitedly. Quote more. Sell more. Achieve more.

Easy for you and your clients

Freightalia is simple, very simple. You will be running your online rates in minutes. Just upload clients and rates.

24/7 service

With Freightalia your clients will be able to get their rates 24 hours/day and 7 das/week. They will love the way they get your quotes from your own system.

Get control on your quotations

Send special offers to your clients based on their interests. Analyze the results. Know your clients’ needs.

Increase your ROI

Freightalia clients are spending less time in sending offers to their customers, exporters, importers and agents. What will you do with this extra time?

Connect with your Agents

Once your local charges are uploaded to the system, you will be able to connect them with your agents worldwide. Create your network and offer door to door service to your clients.

Get new clients

Freightalia is helping Freight Forwarders grow with new business opportunities. You will double your business in 12 months.



Whatever it is… you can reach us through email or phone. We are here to help.


Setup only takes a minute. Cancel anytime. No credit card required.