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Take full control of your application and quotes.

Your branded portal reassures your customers they’re in the right place.

Your portal, your brand

Customizable themes let you tailor the look of your new quoting platform, so that even the smallest button suits your brand and style. And you can deliver a seamless experience between your own website and your quoting platform by using your own domain name and website quoting widget.

Power to your customers

Customers can now have real-time quotations from your company and keep their quoting history in one place. Your customers’ can submit their requests, get instant quotes, check different solutions, timings, routes and prices, track the status of their quotations and confirm a booking.

Give your customers a multi-user account for their entire team to access your great quoting platform.

The personal touch

You can configure how customers access and sign inyour quoting site and transform your customer experience:

  • Choose your own subdomain Freightalia gives you a subdomain of your choice so it matches your company name. This is the link you and your customers use to access your quoting platform.
  • Use the quoting widget in your website The web quoting widget enables you to embed a quoting tool in your website so your customers can submit their requestsand get instant quotes without leaving your website.
  • Customize your e-mails All e-mails that are sent out from your platform can be fully customized with your own text and signature. When sending offers, clients will get re-directed to your chosen subdomain.


Well-designed quoting portal

Customer’s home for requests, information and solutions to their freight needs.

Empower your sales results

You can check the status of customers’ requests and quotes, track their activity, learn about their requirements and needs, and send them personalized notifications and offers.

Invite your entire Sales team

Freightalia gives you a multi-user account. You maintain a single account for your entire sales team.

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