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Reach and engage your customers

Create, send and track effective freight quotes that help you build lasting relationship with your customers.Focus on adding value and building connection with your customers, automate your quotes with Freightalia.

Manage contacts effectively

Get your client’s contact details right at your fingertips when you need them, from your phone or desktop, and foster business relationships that lasts a lifetime with Freightalia.

Further engagement with your customer’s Multi User Account, more contacts from each customer account to increase your quote requests and bookings

Get complete details about your customers and their quotes.

Set specific rates for every client

Not all customers have the same freight volumes, when setting your quoting platform with Freightalia you will always be able to decide an specific margin for each client. Easily assign a default mark-up for every item in your quotations and change it depending on the client.

Additionally, Freightalia is designed to help you make more informed pricing decisions, so you can secure competitiveness at the same time you improve revenue and margin.

Adding customers to your platform

Freightalia allows you to upload contacts one at a time or all at once by importing them from an excel file. Once contacts are imported, you can decide which ones will have access to your new quoting system.

Give your customers access to your quoting portal so they can request and get instant quotes 24/7/365. Customers with real-time responses are most likely to return as loyal customers to your business.


Freightalia is a centralized quoting platform that helps you save time, reduce errors and grow your business with ease.

Sell smarter by supporting more customers faster

Make your customers happy with instant high quality quotations

Build customer’s loyalty with your own online quoting platform

Your Freightalia portal will automate quotations and enhance the approach that will keep your customers coming back.

Grow your customer base

Proactively reach out existing and past clients, as well as potential new clients attracted by your new automated tool and online widget.

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