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Create and deliver automatic sales quotes

Deliver your sales quotes from your branded online platform. Easily create your customized online portal from where clients can instantly request, view, download and print their quotes, as well as confirm their bookings. Automate your sales process, save time and errors.

Create professional quotations in seconds

With Freightalia you get all the tools you need to create beautifully designed fully customizable quotes.

Manual quotations can also be created. Manage all quotations from a single platform

Quoting Features

Customize your template so your quotes look the way you want.

  • Choose your local or global currency for every item
  • Define your Terms and Conditions and create specific notes for every quotation.
  • Adjust and personalize notifications before sending to your customers.
  • Easily re-quote with updated rates

A good sales process leads to great sales

Generate more sales with quote process automation, online request widget and advanced reporting.

Give your sales team the perfect tool to help close more business deals in less time. Accelerate your sales by giving instant quotes, identifying potential new business and tracking engagement with customers.


Arm you with all the tools you need to engage, convert and build loyalty with your current and potential customers.

Easy Setup

Be up and quoting in minutes.

Power Tools

Innovating features to maximize your selling potential

Your own design

Customize your quotes and portal to match your brand and website.

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