How Freightalia Can Help Freight Forwarders Cold Pitch a New Client

Modern technology is in every part of our lives these days, including both personal and business aspects. When it comes to the latter, there is no doubt that most of the changes are positive. If we focus on the shipping industry, freight forwarders can benefit from using an automated quoting system, such as Freightalia.

This type of portal can help you meet an increased demand and instantly respond to all quoting offers. Thanks to a rate management system, potential clients do not have to wait for hours for you to respond with an offer. A single person cannot handle many offers on a daily basis, but a quoting portal has the option of instantly serving every interested client.

It is needless to say that this can get you not one, but several steps closer to expanding your customer base. There are clients who do not want to wait to get an offer from a freight forwarder and they will not hesitate to look for an instant answer elsewhere.

If your client sent a quote request, the chances are they are already interested in using your service. Once they realize you have an automatic quoting system, they will be thrilled and there will be no doubt they will choose you over the competition. If you want to attract even more new clients, you can try cold pitching them.

Why Cold Pitching?

Marketing experts unanimously agree that cold pitching can be a successful technique if used right. A cold pitch involves sending a message (usually e-mail) to a person or company who may become your prospective client. The goal is to establish a relationship and inform them of your service.

As for how Freightalia can help you could pitch a new client, you can use it as the perfect “excuse” to contact the client. The message you create should be centered on the new software and the benefits it provides to the customers. Explain how they can get instant quote information around the clock, which simplifies the entire booking process.

How to Send a Cold Pitch Message

When it comes to the form, you should start with a formal greeting and then introduce yourself and your services. Pinpoint how your company can help them and how they can benefit from an automatic quoting system. Finally, ask them if you can arrange a phone call or meeting so that you can discuss everything in detail. Do not forget to include the link to a page where they can find more information about your company.

It is imperative to keep things brief and concise. Personalizing every e-mail is also important, which means that you shouldn’t be too formal. You can also consider finding a bit something online about the person or company you are targeting so that you can demonstrate knowledge about their business. This is an excellent way to instantly connect with a potential customer.

An automatic quoting system like Freightalia is a powerful tool to utilize when it comes to your company’s marketing. Do not forget that cold pitching is still a game of numbers, but if you do everything properly, you will surely have at least several positive responses.