How to know your customer through your website?

To get to know your customer by analysing its navigation path is already posible.

Your business website is not only the best digital store for your Company, but it can also help you to know how your customers are and their preferences.

In this article we will resume how we can take advantage of all the analytics data that our website visitors can offer.

In order to know your customer or potential customer according to its visits and navigation through your website,  you will need to register in an analytics program. There are many programs that will offer the information you wish to know. We recommend you to use Google Analytics.

We can find many data about each customer’s visit to the website. In the analytic program dashboard we can already find basic data that can be of interest. For example, how many people visits your site every day, at what time and during how long they stay navigating.

To know our customers’ origin will help us to prepare an acquisition and loyalty strategy

To know your customer is easy. With these analytics systems you will also know from where does your customer access your website. This means, if navigation comes from a cell phone, tablet or computer. By knowing from where the visits are coming from you will be able to establish a web marketing strategy and to improve the design or add new element.

It’s also important to know if they have found us through a searching engine, if they have written our url address or if you have received the visit through and advert. To know your customer and its origin allows you to improve the channels that you have available for obtaining traffic and maintanin the ones that are already working fine.

With the data obtained from the web analytics you can know your customer and get an x-ray of its digital consume

From all the data we can obtain, the most relevant ones are those that permit divide and classify customers.

These data will indicate, for example, the geographical area from where visitors are coming from and their gender. If from these data we see that your website is being visited by people living in your same city and that they are women, we can conclude the following:

  • When preparing a campaing, we will promote that area
  • The adverts will be restricted in relation with the geographical area and we will invest our Budget to the most productive area. This is, the next one
  • We will focus on the femenine public as this is the one that visits us mostly

To know your customer also means offering them what they need. To create more attractive offers that better match their consume habits will be the key for turning their visits into effective sales. For example, if your customers visit a concrete section of your website but finally they don’t end up consuming, prepare a special offer for that product or service.

We dispose of all this information and we don’t take advantage of it. Getting to know your customer with the help of analytic tools is much easier that what it seems. Also, this knowledge will help you to improve your business strategy.