Digital transformation centers attention in logistics events

The logistics and international transport sector annually moves more than 6000 million tons worldwide. This charge has a value of $20 trillion (data from 2016). Such a powerful area is a clear target for automation and digitization. The sector has had occasion to open discussions and debates about the impact of digital transformation on several conferences and events of reference, reaching different conclusions.

11th World Cargo Symposium, March 14th-16th, 2017, Abu Dhabi

During this event, special attention was given to the true innovation of the logistics sector. Digital transformation can help the logistics industry to transport goods in less time, with greater reliability, and better visibility. There are many ways in which air cargo can benefit from new digital platforms to improve both services and benefits.

Multimodal, April 4th-6th, 2017, United Kingdom

This seminar paid attention to how digital transformation makes the freight forwarding industry simpler and more transparent. Also noted was the fact that the logistics sector is prepared to adopt the new digital platforms. Now is the time to make the change and prepare for the future. Otherwise, there is the danger of falling behind and being surpassed by new competitors entering the market prepared for the new era.

Transport Logistics and Air Cargo Europe, May 9th-12th, 2017, Germany

This meeting in Munich addressed the issue of the inclusion of Internet of Things in the daily activity of logistics providers and freight forwarders. Digital transformation brings with it a new paradigm of doing business. Therefore, managers and decision-makers must prepare for a new competitive landscape where technology and information technology are key elements.

Intermodal Asia, March 21st-23rd, 2017, China

In Shanghai the digital transformation in the logistics sector was present in talks and forums. Johannes Schlingmeier and Christian Roeloffs talked about Digitizing the Container Supply Chain. The forum covered Big Data and The Internet of Things. A full day of talks at this meeting was occupied by the issue of Smart Shipping. This topic is so interesting and present that nobody want to lose sight of it.

3PL and Supply Chain Summit, June 14th-17th, USA

The 3PL and Supply Chain Summit of Chicago 2017 addressed some issues that relate the logistics sector to digital transformation very closely. Some of the issues that came out were how to be ahead of the digital curve or eCommerce. This meeting made it clear that technology and innovation are essential to maintaining profit margins. In the same way, the topic of placing the customer in a preferred place to gain competitiveness with respect to the other businesses in the area was discussed.


Digital transformation is of great interest to the logistics sector. This topic has occupied headlines, texts, social networks and forums all over the world. But outside the digital world, in the fairs and meetings of the sector, there has also been much talk about digital transformation and the future of the freight forwarding sector. Technology advances at a pace never seen before. The speed is such that it is difficult even to make short-term predictions, such as five years.