Five tips for small and medium freight forwarders to increase repeat business

Small and medium size freight forwarders can benefit greatly from repeat business. But repeat business is not always easy to get. That’s why today we want to give you five tips to get customers who have already worked with your company come back and continue to collaborate with you. Start taking advantage of repeat business with your existing customers instead of only concentrating all your efforts on getting new customers.

1. Good start

To get customers to repeat with your business you must start the relationship in the most appropriate way. This means that you have to take care of every detail, from the first contact, through the quoting process, the first order and the follow up. Demonstrating that your team is organized and attentive and keeping the customer informed during the operational process are some of the factors that will help you win the trust of your first-time buyers. Remember that first impressions are crucial.

2. Good service

Good service is obviously essential for a customer to want to hire you again in the future. To satisfy your customers you must offer the best logistics solutions. In addition, proper tracking throughout the entire shipping process, from receipt of goods to final delivery, will make customers gain confidence and be more likely to re-collaborate with your company. This is one of the most important keys for getting more repeat business for your firm.

3. Good communication

Good communication is one of the best ways to get repeat business, as customers greatly appreciate that their freight forwarder makes them aware of each stage of the order. Maintaining a close communication with the customer will enable them to know at all times the status of their shipment. In this way you can let them know that they can count on a professional team that is at their side throughout the process.

4. Good price

Good price is as essential as good service to get your customers to hire you again in the future. Besides offering the best service you must do it at the best price. A client can value personal attention and professionalism but is not willing to pay excesses. You must know your cost prices and keep your rates competitive. In addition, you can always offer discounts or promotions for existing customers and generate in this way more repeat business.

5. Added value

Finally, to get repeat business, you should always offer more than your competitors. It is important to know each client, their needs and what they value from ​​your company. Some may need you to have time to meet them in person. Others may appreciate that your services are efficiently automated. They will all appreciate that you are there when a problem or complication arises.


Here are our top five tips for getting repeat business for your business. Now it’s your turn. Put these tips and other strategies into practice and start generating more benefits. Take advantage from working with customers you already have, instead of only looking to expand your customer base.