Increase your quoting capacity

The less time the sales teams take to offer a quote to customers, the more quotes they can make. This is obvious. What is not so obvious is how to get quotes done quickly and efficiently. That’s why today we want to talk about one of the best ways to increase your quoting capacity: automating and digitizing the quoting process. This automation would allow the sales people to deal with customers and offer them the most appropriate services, instead of working for hours on spreadsheets in a repetitive and ineffective way.

Reducing the time and complexity of quotations has advantages for both the salesperson and the customer

The quoting process can get very complicated when it is necessary to take into account a lot of details and complements. Some services include different concepts and items, some of which are optional. Customers may also want extra storage, inland services or door-to-door solutions. These particularities can make the quote take too long to prepare and to deliver to the customer. To avoid this inconvenience today it is possible to automate and digitalize the quoting process and deliver complex and complete estimates instantly and with greater satisfaction for the sales agent and the potential client.

Customers also benefit greatly from the automation of the quoting process. If their estimate comes in a few seconds rather than hours, or days, customers perceive the company as professional and efficient. And we all know how important and decisive a good first impression can be. In this way we increase the possibilities of potential customers to become final buyers. In addition, if we want to meet all their needs and close the deal, an automated quoting system can also allow us to make changes in the quotes and deliver them to the client quickly and directly. In this way, we do not waste our time, or theirs.

Do not waste time and lose customers with outdated processes

But automating the quoting process has even more advantages. Doing so also enables consistent and coherent budgeting, both in form and content, through the use of specialized software. The use of this software also shortens the training times required for each new employee. New additions to the team will learn much faster to perform a process that consists of a few clicks, rather dealing with never ending spreadsheets, emails or writing long and tedious documents. The fact that this automated process is carried out through software and computers also allows its integration with other platforms and pieces of software useful for the company.

It is time to stop losing money and customers in the first step of sales. As you see, automating and digitizing the quoting process has many advantages, both for companies and for customers. Do not let more sales and potential customers escape with an outdated and inefficient system and take advantage of the tools that are already available to you. On the other hand, digital change is already inevitable. The sooner a company shifts and adopts digital processes, the earlier it will be able to stand out from its competitors and become a leader in its industry.