Use Skype to communicate better with customers and agents

As freight forwarding professionals, it is normal for us to spend a lot of time in front of a computer in our office. Normally, the first thing we do as we get to the office in the morning is to turn on the computer. Once we turn on the computer we usually open our intranet or management system and email. But sometimes we do not pay enough attention to other tools that are available to us and that remain open throughout the working day. One of these tools is Skype. If we consider that other professionals will find themselves in the same situation, why not take advantage of all the features that this program offers us?

Skype Instant Messaging

Skype instant messaging function allows us to communicate quickly and directly. We can use this tool to inform the client of the status of their shipment. Also we can clarify a quote with an agent. We can even resolve incidents online. In addition, greeting an old contact is always a good idea. We no longer have to wait for an email that does not arrive. In this way, we can accelerate communication. In addition, Skype instant messages allow us to share documents and links in a very simple way.

Skype conference calls

Most of us perceive talking to a client, agent, partner as a positive fact. It is a clear sign of interest and attention. Do not limit your contacts to text format, either in email or message. Let’s bring our communications closer. Let’s propose to our contacts to establish conferences and meetings online. In this way we will be able to comment on some specific aspect of our collaboration.

In addition, Skype offers us a lot of features to improve communication with our customers. We can share our screen in real time to show documents, images or presentations. So, while we talk about a certain topic, we complete the communication with all the additional material that we can. In this case Skype offers a free platform with good connection quality. It’s great to be able to talk to collaborators from distant places and make distances shorter. This is the true revolution of the digital era.

Skype video calls

Skype video calls may be the best option when we establish a first contact with an agent or client. This way we can put faces to our newly established relationship. It’s a good way to start off on a long-lasting contact. Video calls can also be very useful in key decision-making meetings. In these cases, to see the expressions of our interlocutors in the screen is something crucial.

The use of Skype and other communication platforms can be very varied. In different sectors and companies this tool has many uses. These include product or service presentations, employee meetings, webinars, and training for clients and colleagues. For many reasons, the use of Skype is widespread among professionals. Therefore, there is a high probability that our contacts are also using Skype and are connected during the day. This platform offers services of great quality and in the future will continue to have a great implantation in the sector of the logistics and freight forwarding.